Living room furniture and design ideas

The living room is a central space in any home.

The living room is a central space in any home. This makes many people careful about how they plan, design and furnish their living rooms. From the choice of color palette to the furniture, every detail is planned carefully.

In this post you will find some ideas and suggestions for the design of your living space. We will focus our attention on one of the most interesting and modern color combinations in interior design at the moment – grey and yellow.

The yellow color is one of the most cheerful and bright shades. In recent years its popularity has grown not only in interior design, but also in fashion.

Gray has long been underestimated. Many people think it is a boring color. But combined with warm shades it can transform any room. Contemporary design is rediscovering the aesthetic value of the gray color in all its nuances and combinations.

If you are looking for a modern color combo for your living room furniture gray and yellow are great together. The neutral charm of the gray will be brightened up by the sunny yellow, creating a modern and sophisticated look.

In general, all gray nuances are a very suitable background. Other colors, like yellow can be used as accents on the upholstery of chairs and sofas, accessories, curtains and decorative pillows. If you choose gray as a base color you can change the palette quickly and easily, because many colors look very good combined with gray. Another great idea is to create a contrast by combining a dark shade of gray with a vibrant yellow nuance.

Putting gray and yellow in the living room furniture does not mean you are only limited to this color combination. If you like to experiment you can add one more color preferably a neutral one like white, black or dark blue.

For those of you who want to have a living room with authentic look the use of decorative stones is a good option. They add a rustic, but at the same time modern feel in the interior and can be used to cover a whole or half a wall. These stones are suitable for different purposes and are easy and affordable way to transform a living space. There is also a wide variety of colors, textures and shapes to choose from for example natural stone, brick or cut stone.

Add personality and modern touch to your home with a living room in grey and yellow. These two colors combine very well, creating a contemporary and sophisticated living room interior. If you have not chosen your living room furniture and color palette we hope our suggestion helps you see the aesthetic potential of grey and all the beautiful colors it can be combined with.

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