Functional room dividers for small homes

Defining different areas in a space is an important part of the interior design

The open plan lay out is a great option for small homes. It gives the illusion of more room, but often the space needs to be divided in different, smaller areas to maximise functionality.

In many small homes the bedroom and living room are often the same space. It is great to be able to separate them in an aesthetic and practical way.

Defining different areas in a space is an important part of the interior design, especially when it comes to small homes. In most cases building a solid wall is not a good idea, as this takes even more room and often blocks the light. But there are other options which can help divide a room in much more stylish and functional way.


Curtains are a very suitable room divider for small apartments or studios. You can choose light materials, which let the light come through. These create a feeling of space without being too heavy. The curtains can be made of cotton or lighter materials like tulle, which look very beautiful and work perfectly as room dividers.


Another great option for dividing small homes is a glass wall. The wall can be made of decorated glass tile, which look very light and elegant. A glass room divider can also be modern with large glass panels and a metal frame.


If you want a room divider with one of a kind design, you can go for something different and artistic. The laser cut or carved room dividers made of wood or iron with beautiful ornaments are perfect and will add a stylish touch to the interior.

Book shelves

Booklovers are going to love this! Book shelves can be used in a very practical way to divide a space. They can be located lower or higher and you can use them to display your favorite souvenirs, books you love to read and more.

Dividing a small space into functional areas requires good planning and careful choice of a room divider. At the end of the day the result should be stylish and well-organised living space.

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