Which colour is the “right” colour for a kids room?

Colours influence our moods, decision making, agility, energy levels.

We know, as adults which colors to choose for ourselves, because we also know that colors matter. They influence our moods, decision making, agility, energy levels. So how do you think, this same truth applies to kids. Well, not surprisingly, the same way. We want our kids to grow up mentally and physically fit and healthy, so kids room color is a basic tool. Analize each of them and try to balance the environments effect on your kid.

Choose colors together, don’t exclude the future inhabitant of this space from the chance to make it a place he’ll love to be in. We usually can’t decide or argue around warm colors or cold colors. You need to know that, warm colors are energetic and are great during the day, but if not used with moderation, can cause your kid to become hyperactive in the evenings. And on the opposite side we’ve got the cold tones, which are more calming and soothing, but be careful with them as well, because, they can make a kids room feel uninviting and totally out of cozyness.

Some parents, especially with girls are somehow obsessed with pink and red. Red is a “code red” color. Yes, it’s exciting and has a real glam when you look at it, but can easily tire your eyes and therefore your and your kid’s mind. It can also make your child irritable and anxious, so use it wisely. The same characteristic applies to pink shades. Pink works great when combined with green, white, grey, purple, orange.

If you want to promote your kid’s concentration and mental health, choose green and yellow. Both colors are positive and energising, they generally will make your kid smile and stay happy.

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