How to use plasterboard in interior design

The plasterboard is a material which will help you create a comfortable and modern home without breaking the bank

Plasterboard is a very popular building material, because it gives flexibility and room for original designs. It is a thin and rigid board in the form of a layer of plaster compressed between layers of fiberboard. Plasterboard is used to cover walls and ceilings and is used for modelling interiors. This material is inexpensive but can be used to create luxury effects in the interior.

The plasterboard is a material which will help you create a comfortable and modern home without breaking the bank. This building material can do wonders in the interior. It is used for dividing functional spaces as well as for decorative purposes and it can change the way any space looks.

Here are some ideas on how to use plasterboard in the interior design!

Wall Niches

Wall niches are great to replace shelving. They can be built in the interior walls in different shapes and sizes. These are great for displaying favourite objects and add interest to any interior. It isa nice way to create wall niches which look modern and give you more storage space.


Room Dividers

The room dividers made from it are a very modern and inexpensive option which helps you plan and divide the spaces in the interior. The plasterboard panels and dividers are installed and fixed easily, so an area can be transformed in no time.


Installing a ceiling from this material is a great way to create unconventional design in your home . The plasterboard gives great opportunities to insert modern lighting in various shapes and sizes. If you want to have ceiling lights with a wow effect, definitely try using plasterboard as a base.


Interior design

Plasterboard can be used to create interiors in various styles. A great example for this, are the orient inspired or Moroccan style interiors with a lot of niches and decorative walls.


Thematerial is perfect for modeling the areas around the fireplace or the windows. It can be used to define the lines and corners, and make them stand out.

The plasterboard is playing an important role in the contemporary interior design because it is great for creating functional areas with unique design and optimal use of space and budget.


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