Minimalist interior design

The concept of buying, owning and consuming less is what more and more people adopt as part of their daily life.

Minimalism is a movement which is growing in popularity and turning into a lifestyle. The concept of buying, owning and consuming less is what more and more people adopt as part of their daily life. The minimalist movement has found its place in the interior design too. It is associated with neutral colors, minimal furniture, functional and clean spaces with nothing out of place.

The minimalist interior design is a reflection of the lifestyle of people who value harmony, simplicity and light, all of these factors help us live a more quality and stress free life. The trendy Scandinavian design is also minimalist. It is based on the concept of using neutral colors, natural light as well as natural materials like wood, wool and cotton.

The minimalist interior is by no means boring or too simple. It has its own character and charm. Most spaces with minimalist design are modern and give the impression of a lot of space and freedom. They are functional, practical and simple, but also elegant and contemporary. Very often the minimalist interior design is associated with a neutral color palette. The neutrals are a perfect canvas which makes bright colored accents stand out. The minimalist style is perfect for small homes, because the spaces are used in a very efficient and functional way. Moreover, with less furniture and more light every room looks bigger.

The minimalist interior design stands for harmony and relaxed environment, with no clutter. Too many pieces of furniture or decorations inevitably make a space look busy and crowded which causes stress. The clean silhouettes as well as the harmoniously arranged furniture and décor pieces have a soothing effect.

Having too much or too bulky furniture means a lot of time and effort to keep it clean. The more furniture, the less space for movement, even if the area is big. With the minimalist interior design the preferred type of furniture is compact, low and practical. There is also a lot of storage space which is smartly hidden out of sight.

There are many ways to achieve modern and functional interior with high aesthetic value – minimalism is one of them. This interior style gives a lot of freedom to create an interior with clean lines, full of air and light. After a busy day with so many distractions and stressors in the outdoor environment a minimalist interior is the necessary escape so many people seek!

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