Hallways: A welcoming pathway or road through hell

Don’t forget to choose a brighter shade of a color…

We hate to admit it, but we rarely give enough love to the hallways. Why? Because we don’t consider it a room, and it’s not, but it is the first space we get into, or we invite our guests in through. It’s often a space full of shoes and coats and umbrellas, maybe a ladder, a box or two- in general, a semi-organized chaotic, gloomy tube like space, that would eventually open up to a much warmer and welcoming living room. Instead of getting sucked by this ill-lit vortex of household items, we offer some easy tricks, that will make your hallway a nice joining point of house energy, since it provides access to all other rooms in the house, it already functions as one, so give it a little bit of respect.

One fix, and maybe the easiest one, is to paint it in a bright color. Don’t forget to choose a brighter shade of a color, that’s already present in your home to provide a good flow through the different rooms. Choose a playful runner rug to greet your guests! A rug can totally transform a place, so choose a pattern that makes you happy and give it a try.

If your hallway is too long, it can serve as the perfect display spot for some art. Bear in mind, the you need to keep it neutral in color, bright and clean, if you decide to use it as a small gallery. You could also play with the flooring patterns, use multiple colors, combine corresponding styles of tiles or get a geometrical pattern rug. If your hallway has a high ceiling- use pendants or a lush sparkly chandelier to give it a posh twist.  Greenery works great in tight spaces as well, so you might consider getting a plant or two in some intriguing, vivid planters.

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