A guide through some of the trendiest decors for 2017

We’ll take a tour through some of the in vogue ideas for home décor

The first look is the color blocking technique. We often can’t choose one particular color and we tell you, there’s nothing wrong in going for several shades at once. It has quite a vital vibe actually, especially if you choose contrasting colors. Just bear in mind to keep some of the surfaces in neutral colors – white, grey, black, beige and their shades variations, so that the color combination, you’ve chosen, really pops out. This look works with all type of knit throws and cushion.

Uplift your spirit with teal. The color between turquoise blue and navy blue is so incomparably soothing and fresh, combine it with soft wooden tones, white, all sorts of glass accessories and potted plants and rugs in geometrical patterns.

Think totally organic! Your home can resemble a bohemian tropical paradise, just go for natural elements and organic, rough fabrics. The colors here just have to be neutral with sporadic color splashes – mustard for example, will complement the whole look. You can easily opt for all shades of grey, creamy whites and wooden tones.

And if you are a real nature lover, there is a look that gives you a forest like feeling, but keeps its royal twist. Rich emerald green, a lot of velvet, a photo wallpaper, plush carpeting and some patterns that create an interesting contrast. Add greenery, because it will add variety to the green shades. As for the color combinations, greys, white and variety of deep greens. Here the wooden elements should be in the decorative details, such as side tables, armchairs and shelves if needed.

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