Window decking mania for this Christmas 2017

Sweat no more, because we’re coming to help you make your windows prettier than ever!

Embrace those Window decking ideas for Christmas 2017! Winter is officially here and the fast approaching holidays are making us wonder more and more often in our pijamas, with a cup of hot coco, wondering where to start from and building up anticipation in our heads. Well everything is pretty much clear, except for one thing – your windows! Sweat no more, because we’re coming to help you make your windows prettier than ever. The easiest way to make them sparkle is to put some gold stars. Fish out for some mini sticky stars, or DIY some. Cut out some stars out of gold folio or use a gold marker to paint them afterwards.

Now, you know those adorable designs of carton coffee cups, especially during holidays? Here’s a great way to incorporate some, use them as candle holders. Put some filling in and stuck some candles, then arrange them along your window sill.

Another fresh solution is to put a garland across you window. But a sweet one! Yes, not the old boring type, use some wire to hang some candy cane and pinecones, it’s quite boho actually. If you have a beautiful living room window and a lot of single friends, maybe your centerpiece should be a kissing globe. “Mistletoe!” There is a big advantage to disguising the mythical greenery as a globe, so no one will escape the Christmas love this year.

We love stars, especially at Christmas. They are dreamy, classic and contemporary at the same time and have those stunning silhouettes behind the windows. This year choose some star pendants, buy them or surf the net for the crazy DIY star pendant projects. A wreath is a classic solution that we just can’t ignore. It just has it all – greenery, silver bells, gold globes, red ribbons, cranberries…endless richness and beauty. By hanging few across the windows, you’ll be able to share their Christmas cheer and colors with everyone that passes outside your home.

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