Top tips for the ultimate Scandinavian Christmas decoration

Don’t buy toys for the decoration, make ones!

We have the top tips for the ultimate Scandinavian Christmas decoration!
Everyone marvels at the minimalism and style input to the Scandinavian décor.
And that’s clearly because no one knows more about winter than the Northern people. What we fail to understand is that, they don’t choose these color schemes and décor on purpose, they just in a way, let the outdoor inside when making decorations.

They love fireplaces, if you have one that should be the focal point of the room, and if you don’t – candles can do the trick. Illuminate as much as possible with candle light, they will evoke melancholy and tranquility at home. Try to craft hand-made candle holders, use jars and tree elements – branches or greenery.

To keep things simple, don’t overdo your Christmas tree with colorful toys and garlands, according to Scandinavians, you don’t even need a real tree at home. Construct your own tree out of branches and wood. Try few glittering toys among the branches, lavender, rosemary and cinnamon sticks at your table setting and some furs here and there to keep the whole scene fluffy and snowy. Don’t buy toys for the decoration, make ones! It’s the easiest thing in the world to make a ball out of glue and cloths, or some wreaths out of traditional greenery. The important thing here is to use organic fabrics and materials. No flashy, artificial items.

You need lots of decorative pillows in subtle colors and wool throws, that would make the whole place so warm and cozy. Hang few lanterns and use a lot of wood and carton. Use logs as holders and risers, rugs and fur throws on the floor. There’s this obsession with wooden letters in Scandinavian design, so you can build a “Merry Christmas” sign out of them, use different sizes and shades of wood.

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