Top contemporary ideas for this Christmas 2017, that’ll make you faint

Christmas is the time of the year when you can really unleash your imagination and create a modern winter sanctuary.

Christmas is the time of the year when you can really unleash your imagination and create a modern winter sanctuary. There’s more than one way for your decoration to stand out and become the focal point of all festive gatherings.

We’ve got some crazy ideas up our sleeve, to make our celebration smooth and chic, and we’re ready to share them with you.

23 Christmas Centerpiece Ideas That Will Raise Everybody’s Eyebrows

How to start up the party?

Ok, you all remember the hostess trolley from the 50’ sleek design. Well, it has made a tremendous comeback! Why? It’s the easiest way possible to serve drinks or other liquid in one shot, without spilling, plus it’s always near you. You could opt for full glamour here and choose a gold, super stylish one, but you’ll have to stack it with fancy shakers and cocktails, maybe some expensive wines or martini.

Making the fireplace centrepiece.

How To DIY Your Holiday Mantel
Source: via Pinterest/100 Layer Cake.
Christmas Holiday decor 2017
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If you have one, it’s the perfect focal point during holidays. It’s already framed and that makes it easy for you to arrange any decoration. It doesn’t have to be loud in colors, choose neutrals and more- subtle ones- greys/warm grays, natural wood, white. Incorporate some quirky touches in the decoration, fur rug, a sculpture by a contemporary artist should also work well.

Surprise your guests!

Modern holiday decor ideas
Source: via Pinterest/100 Layer Cake.

We often neglect the hallway when decorating, here we give you a splendid idea how the festive spirit can enchant your guests right from the front door. Use a backdrop like a piece in a royal colour silver, gold or lush red. If it’s ornamented it’ll work even better and if not you can add some ornaments yourself like handcrafted snowflakes or sparkly angels, wings, clouds even add some greenery to make the whole combination more lively.

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Some crazy outdoor decorations for Christmas