The best DIY Christmas garlands! Part II

Christmas is at our doorstep and we need to start thinking of creating some warmth and festive spirit at home.

Christmas is at our doorstep and we need to start thinking of creating some warmth and festive spirit at home. With the festive season fast approaching, is there any better way to spread the Christmas spirit, than decorating the interior? And have you thought of a DIY decoration?

We continue with our suggestions for DIY garlands and the next one will spice up your home. Consider making a garland out of orange peel cutouts. It looks awesome and in combination with some Christmas spices will scent the entire room, adding so much to the holiday charm. You’ll need some orange peels and some of your favorite cookie cutters to start off your creative décor. The fragrance of holiday spices in combination with the glowing orange color will make your Christmas decoration outstanding.

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Let’s say you love lush and elegant Christmas decorations. If you have a strong aversion to all the minimalism talk go for gold, red and green. This combination is so royal and gorgeous, with a classic base of pine boughs and cones, a stylish lace ribbon, that goes through the shimmering lights and they just transcend and are illuminated by the Christmas bulbs. Your decoration will be with a pure fairytale vibe.

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The next idea just made the whole Christmas a bit more-tasty!

Ever heard of baked garland? Well this is, maybe, the easiest DIY decoration project, but it’s the most fun! Gather the kiddos, make some gingerbread dough, arm yourself with cookie cutters and make your unique sweet cookie garlands. Once you cut out the cookies arrange them onto some baking paper and send them into the oven. When they are ready and cool off, you can start stringing them on a twine or a cord. You could of course add some decoration onto the cookies, personalised messages, blessings or just some fun drawings the kids made themselves. That decoration will make your home smell like Christmas throughout the holidays and bring joy to friends and family. Our advice is to bake extra cookies for the little helpers, otherwise you risk your DIY project to be eaten before hanging on the Christmas tree.

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