Some crazy outdoor decorations for Christmas

The magic of Christmas starts from literally with our porch or front door!

The magic of Christmas starts from literally with our porch or front door. Why keeping the spirit indoors? We can’t relate to this celebration as a private one, though we mostly spend it among family. At that time of the year we show growth, both spiritual and mental, we are challenged to show our ability to share with others. So what better way, then to make a passerby smile and feel cozy, while walking through a cold winter evening? Decorate the outside of your house. You’ll be surprised how big impact this simple act has.

Our ideas!

Hang out sparkling hanging baskets. To make them you’ll need few coiled vine baskets without liners. Put some festive string lights inside and around it and fill it up with clear or silvery plastic ornaments: stars, angels, wings ect.

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Your doorway is incredibly boring? We’ve got the solution! Use a traditional red-white-green scheme to make it glow. Combine a big red ribbon like decoration with garland of glowing light and some greenery to make an arch like decoration above the door. On both sides you can group some poinsettia plants that would add some festive punch in the whole vibe.

If you’re decorating on a tight budged we have a cheap tip. You can manufacture some paper lanterns. You could make your luminarias out of paper bags, just cut some interesting shapes into them and light them up. Arrange them on your porch steps or if you have a patio it’ll look warm and fairy like perfect.

If your kids are Frozen fans, you could always try and recreate the tale on your porch. You’ll just need some seasonal greenery, some frost Christmas spray (to add the frosty snow effect), some hanging decorations such as: snowflakes, wings and string festival lights. Try keeping the colour scheme white-silvery and green. The hanging shimmering lights will add some warmth to this winter story.

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