Seek the balance with a Scandi Christmas decoration this winter

Why going loud in colors and lush, flashy decoration during the winter holidays this year?

Let’s seek the balance with a Scandi Christmas decoration this winter! Sometimes we do need a change of perspective. Why going loud in colors and lush, flashy decoration during the winter holidays this year? We’ll try to infuse your décor inspiration, by adding a more intimate and peaceful vibe to this Christmas and choose a Scandinavian style decoration.

You won’t find the orthodox red-green-white combination here. Everything is far more-subtle, the color scheme is neutral and the elements in white and blue make the atmosphere almost enchanting. Every item of the decoration is nature inspired and aims at simplicity. It may also be intricate and elaborate, so to reflect nature’s extraordinary and mystifying forms in the dangling pieces, that are not strictly meant for the Christmas tree.  The Northern design is very distinctive, mainly because some of the items reflect the Northern traditions that are still presently trendy.  

This decoration will fill your home with warmth and antiquity as well harmony and modesty. The traditional Christmas decoration is way too dynamic for the Scandinavian style, plus you will very occasionally spot a luxurious scandi Christmas décor. This design approach uses eco materials and is environmentally friendly in every respect.  The natural character of the elements makes everything blend and float perfectly. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, this decoration, and everything it consists of, has a lot of character and individuality.

Scandi goes great with rustic touches. Use candles and wooden elements. Large candles are suitable for windows and fireplaces, or if you have a table runner, they would add some charm to your centerpiece. Maybe you started feeling a bit disappointed of the total absence of glitter. We saved this for last and…Yes there is glitter for Christmas in this decoration! Everything with a silver or metal surface is welcomed, plus you could have your favourite Christmas globes in pale pink or mint, silver and white. Use a shiny bucket, fill it with some logs and chopped wood, pine cones, add cinnamon bundles and some wire lamp garland, few silvery globes and there you have it – the perfect centerpiece Scandinavian style!

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