Rustic Christmas and how to create one!

When you’re struggling with choice of style we strongly suggest you choose rustic decoration.

Check now! Rustic Christmas and how to create one! As the magic of Christmas is already present almost everywhere, you’re in that precise moment of thinking “Should I start decorating?”…

Yes, you should! Time is flying pretty fast and until you know it, it’ll be Christmas in a week or so. No matter the type of your home, you can always make the most of it with decoration, especially the beloved Christmas décor. When you’re struggling with choice of style we strongly suggest you choose rustic decoration.

It’s flawless, easy and incorporates so many other styles itself, that it’s practically impossible to go wrong with it. For example, go Boho in the living room, by piling up some carpets and rugs in different patterns, throw some oriental pillows on the floor, for the lucky ones with a fireplace, that would work even better. And adding the Christmas elements in this cozy heaven is the easiest thing.

Get a Christmas tree, a real one. When working with rustic design and using so many natural materials, you just have to own one. Make a centerpiece out of this setting- garlands of cranberries and pinecones, some glittering Christmas lights garland, wooden animals – a deer, owls, squirrels, a bear, foxes and birds with feathers will make your decoration as enchanting as a winter forest.

Do not forget the greenery, fresh pine branches can basically go everywhere- above the fireplace, under the mirrors, above the doors or a wreath at your doorstep with some natural touches. The presents are also part of the décor, so when you choose rustic decoration, try keeping the warping as simple as possible, but keep an eye out for interesting ideas, wishes, personal messages and blessings and ways to make the whole gift giving more intimate and home-made as a vibe.

You could substitute the mainstream hanging socks with knitted woolen gloves and you don’t have to place them above the fireplace, if you haven’t got one, hang them on the Christmas tree instead or along your stairway.

Keep these in mind and look at our gallery for more inspiration.

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