Mission “Sparkling Christmas”- DIY lights decorations

We all want to have the sweet melancholy of holiday ambience and warmth at home during Christmas…

Todays’ Mission: “Sparkling Christmas” – get those DIY lights decorations ideas!…
We all want to have the sweet melancholy of holiday ambience and warmth at home during Christmas. The best contrast to the frightful weather outside would be the glittering lights seen through a steamy window. 
Idyllic, isn’t it? Surprisingly, when we talk about holiday lights, it’s not necessary to have the “Home Alone” experience. You can easily craft your own light decoration using our ideas, plus, DIY projects are getting more and more popular in the past few years and considered so much chic.

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We seriously don’t know how you feel about the glowing trees, but we love them. If you’re a nature lover and miss your strolls in the park, this is your project! Use your imagination and some black wire to create a trunk and branches, then to achieve maximum effect, distribute the lights unevenly among the branches. Aim at asymmetry to get that organic feel. You could then use it as ambient light or as additional lighting in the room.

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Evergreen boughs are a classic and there’s a good reason for it! Using fake evergreens is the good’s housewife trick, to keep things festive and clean at the same time. That doesn’t mean things can’t get exciting. You could always stick few real pine branches and cons to give off that sweet and fresh pine scent. Hang ornaments, ribbons and of course Christmas lights. The dangling goodies may be done by you, tiny gift boxes, small snowflake cutouts etc.


Remember those mason jars everyone uses for boho planters? Yes, they can serve as those, but here around Christmas they make magnificent lanterns. Having in mind mason jars got so popular for DIY projects you can assume they are really easy to use. You can hang them anywhere using simple wire, make clusters of glowing jars, hanging on strings with different length. Fill them up with white or multicolored lights – you might want to use battery powered lights for this project. They’d make a perfect centerpiece on the dinner table, hang on both sides of the porch or light up the hallway. Nevertheless, the jar light project will bring a lot of warm, rustic and cozy feeling to your holidays.


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