Mission DIY Christmas décor

Well it’s again that time of the year when you can’t wait to get home…

We’re diving into a DIY Mission: Christmas décor!

Well it’s again that time of the year, when you can’t wait to get home, away from the cold and into the warm, cozy retreat of yours. It’s also a time when we invite friends over, have meals with family and you’ll definitely want them to feel welcome and maybe to surprise them a bit. Why not surprise them with your home’s Christmas décor? You don’t have to spend millions to achieve big impact, in fact that would happen undoubtedly if you add some personal touch to your décor. We’ll give you some ideas for DIY projects that have plenty of character and individuality. That seem to be attainable only through handcrafting and home-made things.

The easiesChristmas décor you can make is out of felt. You don’t have to be an expert, you’ll just need the simples of materials – scissors, pins, different colors and patterns of felt, a needle and some crazy templates to cutout from the net. There are all sorts of ideas and models – Santa, Christmas balls, trees, adorable snowmen. Use old jewellery, buttons, different fabrics and patterns to create impact and contrast.

The other material you can go for is wood. Scandinavians are using it for decoration so successfully, that seeing just few scandi models of Christmas toys, can spark you off to craft something for yourself. Make wooden stars or little trees in simple forms, paint them and you’ve got the best and long-lasting decoration ever.

How about tin cans? Ever consider them part of the decoration? Well you should, because they’re sparkling silver, you can pattern paint them (dots, stars, flowers, feathers, snowflakes etc.) and you can fill them up with goodies, sweets, cookies and so on. Another element that’s right under our nose and we rarely use are pine cones. They’re awesome when spray painted, especially in metallic shades. They go with almost any setting and are great just to have them spread around our home.

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