Minimalistic and trendy Christmas tree

Decorate with ginger cookies and stars!

Christmas tree! O, Holy Tree!
We usually have troubles, when decorating the Christmas tree… 

So let’s say, you’re not the typical Christmas freak and don’t want any colour explosions in your home around the holidays. We’ve got the tips that would work for you. What base colours to choose, should you buy new decoration each year or should you go vintage, with or without lights, go for a live tree, or a fake one. All this collides with celebratory meals, present picking, wish cards and invitations, planning and tones of other family stuff.

We can, however, help you out with the tree decoration. If you don’t have any kids, but more of a party animal environment a good choice would be to leave the tree naked, as it is. Put it in a nice big woven basket and add some Christmas lights-only, and there you go – you’ve got a minimalistic Christmas tree. If that’s too plane, try putting around some organic elements and artificial snow for example. There is this type of light garland, with candle like lamps, which would also work for a modern tree decoration. Make some paper cones and transparent globes that would only illuminate the lights from the surroundings.

You could also choose a small tree and mount it on a raiser like structure- a wooden pallet or a box. Decorate with ginger cookies and stars! Kids love that, the decoration is a table, it is great fun to make it and it smells delicious for weeks.

If you don’t want to have a tree centerpiece, just make several smaller ones. Put them in small planters rolled in plane packaging paper, decorate each one with few hand- made toys or a hand-made garland. These can serve as super thoughtful and charming gifts as well.

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