It all looks like Christmas!

This time we offer you a complete Christmas look that is totally DIY and easy on your budged!

This time we offer you a complete Christmas look that is totally DIY and easy on your budged! You know it takes skill, but the thing is more attention to each detail, this is what really makes the trick. You certainly don’t have to be an expert on crafting to make your own holiday decoration.

Our recommendation for this specific arrangement is to keep the colour scheme neutral – white, black, beige and greyish shades, to keep it modern give it a little bit of twist with some silver elements. All these go together perfectly and are totally synced.

First stop – the Christmas tree. Well it’s placed in woven basket, which makes a difference, because you could put soil in it and keep the tree alive. The decoration is sparkling- champagne, silver and gold Christmas globes, stars and of course some Christmas lights all around its branches. The fireplace is also honoured with hanging gift socks, but far from the traditional white-green-red combination. Choose an interesting pattern in neutral colour scheme.

Cut out some stars out of black carton and hang them by cords with different length, then attach the cords to a wooden stick – you now have a great wall piece with contemporary Christmas vibe. Use plain packaging paper for present wrapping and add some personal touch via personal messages and blessings.

Greenery is essential in this décor. Make a table centrepiece with fresh pine branches, pine cones and some candles, this is so eclectic and minimalistic that you won’t need anything else, just make sure you combine it with plane and subtle dishware and silverware.

Another interesting idea is to wrap gifts depending on the placing. If you’ve chosen a black and white surrounding, it’s worth thinking of the same colour scheme for the presents, but maybe a different pattern, so that the gifts stand out.

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