Indulge yourself with some modern chic Christmas

Contemporary Christmas design is going viral these days!

Contemporary chic Christmas design is going viral these days. Why?

Because it’s minimalism and level of comfort are incomparable to other design approaches and it has the power to surprise you and your guests. This is one of the main reasons people are so much into Scandinavian design, it’s simplicity and luck of hassle, the individuality it has, these features help everyone really enjoy the holiday. Many of these decorations are an easy DIY projects, so there’s a home-made vibe you can add to the whole celebratory procession if you like.

The modest colour scheme is a main ingredient in the scandi chic realm. The white-gray-black theme is basically the perfect canvas for whatever you choose to display. A wall piece, a picture in a frame or in our case chic Christmas decoration. With this type of decor you don’t have to come up with tones of things to add.

Use a lot of fur, could be faux- preferably white or grey, evergreen branches, less globes/ unless you choose a DIY project for paper ones, lots of geometric patterns and hanging toys. You’ll need throws here and there, discrete wire lights to add some shimmer. Scandi décor uses lots of metallic features as accents. Stars and snowflakes, animals, even mirror items. It’s helpful to know that this particular style goes perfectly with rustic elements and touches. Many people even mistaken both styles, but they differentiate nevertheless. When we say rustic, we mean nature inspired, something that has a farmhouse vibe, something rural- branches, woven baskets, dried flowers, metal buckets, lots of rugs and crochet throws and things can get really colourful at times.

Scandinavian style works with more modernity, it still has the organic element, but things are mainly monochromatic and neatly arranged, there’s rarely chaos in the scandi chic design, it’s all about fragments and provocation, this design makes you think.

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