Decorations of joy for Christmas

Who says you can’t have a Christmas décor in vivid bright colours?

Who says you can’t have a Christmas decorations in vivid bright colours? Well, certainly not us! Check out our modern holiday decoration ideas that we have spotted for you. This cheerful time of year brings us all together and all you need to do to make everyone feel at home is decorate tastefully.

You know when we say “modern” everyone is thinking monochromatic, and they’re not wrong. You’ll totally fit the fashion criminal profile if you choose to decorate in white grey and black. This colour scheme is very posh and luxurious, add some furs and some metallic accents such as silver cutlery and some candle light at the dinner table. Leaving the green tree, the only colourful accent in the room can be an outstanding decision, it becomes more than just a focal point, because it is the point where all the joy happens!

If you don’t fancy the whole classy stylish look, you can choose a costal decorations in blue and white. Well, we know what you think – “…Wait, isn’t that summer décor?” Fortunately, the nautical theme is so comestible with the Christmas vibe. The frosty, icy, snowy colours are actually white and blue, so just transform the see elements into winter ones and keep the colour scheme the same. Add some natural elements to correspond with the Christmas tree and there you have it- breezy, cozy Christmas decoration.

What if you are one of those lost romantics and love to surround yourself with textures deep in colour and quite tactile. The one that would write invitations next to the fireplace cuddled among cushions and present wrapping paper. Then you definitely need some boho style inspired décor! Mix and match different textures and shades, go for echo friendly Christmas decoration.

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