Crucial tips for decorating small spaces

In reality most of us deal with ridiculously small living spaces…

Now, we all want to stroll around a spacious living room, with a tall ceiling, a fire place and French windows, with long velvet curtains, that overlook a lush garden. For most of us that’s quite remote and even though, it’s really bright future sight, in reality most of us deal with ridiculously small spaces for living. So until we obtain the house of our dreams, we better take a look around and make the most of what we have.

Any small apartment can feel spacious and vivid. The first thing to do is try to use all the space available. Things like, floating wall shelves or an open style wardrobe as simple and minimalistic as a copper frame on the wall can work miraculously well in a small bedroom.

Be really selective and refine your choices to the wan that would work best in your small apartment. Get rid of anything unwanted or heavily build, you really don’t want any big furniture to suck the whole air out of your room. De-clutter the whole place. Keeping things in drawers and on shelves indeed gives you the living space, in terms of actual space, to dwell and relax.

If you don’t like the idea of too much furniture, which is the right perspective for tight spaces, you can try a bit more Bohemian approach by piling and stacking things up-books, old records. Instead of hanging things up the wall, try leaning them against it – it’s such a unpretentious and rustic way of displaying artwork or just having a mirror there.

Any designer would tell you that small spaces are starving for light. To increase the lighting of your rooms, use light colors and fabrics in the decoration, use mirrors and reflective surfaces and most importantly arrange smart. Your goal is to feel relaxed at home, so surround yourself with items you use and love. Your design choices have to make you happy above all.

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