Charming little tricks for your Christmas decoration this year

We all love Christmas with all its procession and preparations.

Don’t miss out those charming little tricks for your Christmas decoration this year! We all love Christmas with all its procession and preparations. Kids wait in anticipation, adults are excited and hustle around, we all fall under the Christmas spell and suspense. Decorating the house is maybe one of the most rejuvenating family experiences, imagine – you’re all together, kids are stealing ginger cookies from the cookie jar, garlands, glitter, Christmas lights, sounds fun and for some, maybe a bit formidable ordeal. Nevertheless, we’ve got tips for you all! Just check out our gallery to grasp the complete décor. You know what they say about DIY projects- keep them simple! The key here is the same, use affordable materials, don’t overdo them, everything should be easy to follow, so that it actually brings you joy in the making process.

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One thing you can do completely on your own is a count – down calendar. The Catholics call it advent calendar, where you light a candle every night from the 1st to through the 25th ,but you don’t really need to put accent on the religious moment here if you aren’t a Catholic. This practice is adopted mostly because the count-down is great fun for the kids. It’s not necessary to be a candle display, you can choose fridge magnets, small bells, funny bricks with numbers, kid’s drawings… it’s just the best way to build excitement within children, so we recommend you try it! Do not neglect the advantages of wood when building a winter décor.

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It’s not only the Christmas tree, the wooden elements are warm, rich in colour, very rustic and raw, but can be softened with the right decoration. These elements go perfectly with all the neutrals as a colour scheme, and as for textures – combine them with fur and plush, metal lanterns, paper and linen ribbons, stuffed animals from organic materials. The tricks for your Christmas decoration? Here would mean use your imagination and care, and create a warm and cozy space to welcome your family and friends. Remember, personal touches are always appreciated the most by others and are quite rewarding to yourself.

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