The best wall shelves you could think of!

If you have a contemporary vibe at home, try some state of the art shelves with built in lighting.

Hey there, great people! We have some crazy ideas about shelving and you can literally find it all – from decorative wall shelves to fully functional ones. We thought it through and decided, shelves are generally one of the best ways to keep the clutter under control. You can easily adapt them to your interior design, whatever style you have chosen for your home. Wood is widely used for shelves and there some really appealing ideas here. Take a look at these wooden custom made wall shelves that resemble a bit empty photograph frames. It’s all a question of perception anyway.

If you’re tight on living space, you’d probably go for a corner shelf, and that’s a top decision for small spaces, because they let you make the most of any small apartment. We’ll just remind you here, that you can either have them build in or posing out of the wall.  And if you’re an innovative and creative soul, the next suggestion might just be your thing. Who says you can’t have custom made shelves? The “tick” sign shelves are perfect for a classroom or your kid’s room and being wall shelves, they naturally save space.

How about a maze-like book shelves? Or a semi-circle wall organiser. It’s all up to you really. A hanging piece is a really fresh choice, that can also add some Bohemian twist to your décor.  Tree design shelves have been all over the place for some time now, and the reason behind their popularity is that they serve as a beautiful decorative wall piece as well. Plus, their shelving can be so bizarre, that allows you to put all your favourite items together: books, candles, flower-pods, vases with greenery, photographs etc. If you have a contemporary vibe at home, try some state of the art shelves with built in lighting.

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