Awesome DIY Christmas decoration knacks

We all decorate for the holidays and have you ever thought why? We believe it’s, because we want to invite our guests into a warm and cozy place, one that gives off joy. We decided to share some DIY knacks and give you some ideas of original Christmas decoration solutions. All of them are really easy to craft and you’ll be surprised how many of the components you already have in your
home, yep, right there under the sofa, in the drawer or in the yard. You need some basics to pull these off, such as natural greenery, because with easy DIY projects you really want to go rustic, so think of inviting the outdoor inside.

Another thing would be fabrics, you have to opt for natural and rough fabrics – burlap, plaid, linen, cotton, canvas are all good choices. You need baskets, pine cones and branches and of course twine. Don’t forget that rustic is basically a synonym for tranquil, so when decorating think of calm and neutral colours, think of natural finishes, let the space speak for itself and reveal its natural charm. This type of Christmas decoration is nurturing the soul and the spirit rather than the eye. You hardly can go wrong with these elements combined in any configuration. Natural and neutral colour schemes need a bit of a nudge by some bright colour splash. This role is usually left to green, but you can choose red, turquoise and pale shades of pink.

To create more magical and warm environment, add Christmas lights, glass and all sort of reflective surfaces, metallic are welcomed. All the glitter in combination with scented Christmas candles will bring all the family together and give your home the loveliest decoration with so much personal touch and devotion!

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