How to arrange the Christmas table?

Here we’ve gathered some great ideas for table decorations, that might just be your thing.

When we’ve spend a good amount of hours cooking, for our guests in the Christmas evening, the last thing we want is our meals to be presented poorly. If we spend some time organising the Christmas table setting it would be so worth it. Here we’ve gathered some great ideas for table decorations, that might just be your thing. Take a look around our gallery. The reason this task is so overwhelming is because we feel challenged by all the magazine covers, with perfect, yet pricy table settings. You don’t have to spend a fortune if you decide on the colour theme. Yep, just that can save you a lot of wondering.

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White and blue. It’s nautical, but it depends, choose a deep blue table cloth and make sure you’ve got white dishes and metal cutlery. Combine all this with white candles, dry cotton flower decoration in white porcelain vases. So dreamy and frosty at the same time. Another approach is to go fully metal and grey. Grey tableware, metal cutlery, black and white table runner. Good looking candle holders, preferably silver would complete the Christmas table look.

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One quite royal look might be achieved by making a table decoration, by mixing white and gold. This combination is so posh and classy, it gives more festive vibe than red and green. To our surprise, we liked it the most, because it has something archaic and ancient to this look. As for the table runners, they can be anything. Greenery, not only the traditional pine type, try cacti mixed with some grass, go for dotted paper cones in mixture with candles, limes and grapes in combination with transparent glassware. It’s truly up to you and your taste, mind your guests personalities and moods and you can’t go wrong.

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