Ideas for low budget bathroom renovations

Trends in interior design change quickly, which may leave the bathroom looking outdated. As time passes there are other problems in the bathroom that need your attention like broken tiles, drainage issues, mold spots or corrosion of metal elements. Bathroom renovations are quite expensive that is why many home owners use to avoid them for as long as possible.

But what do you do when you have a small budget and a bathroom which has an urgent need for renovation? In this post you will find low budget ideas for bathroom renovations which will help you achieve great results for less.



A fresh, new paint on the walls and ceilings is always a good idea. Repainting your bathroom in a new color is an easy and affordable way to change its look. Before starting on a repainting project make sure there are no problems with the ventilation and drainage, because these could lead to unsightly mold stains even before the new paint has dried. There is a huge variety of water resistant paints on the market; some are with matt or even velvet effect. These will turn your bathroom into a well-designed modern space.


If you like tiles, but the print on them is outdated, you can use tile stickers to change their design entirely. The stickers are easily glued to the tile and are water resistant. These stickers can create visual effects which would cost a lot of money if you decide to replace all the tiles.


Bathroom wallpapers are a great idea. There is a huge variety of prints and colors to choose from. However, since the bathroom is usually a small space, do not use wallpapers in bright colors and with too busy patterns as these will make the room feel even smaller.

bathroom renovation


Adding some trendy accessories in the bathroom is another great way to refresh its interior, plus it is a low cost option too. Instead of renovating the whole space, get some new towels, shower curtains, shelves and drawers. This way your bathroom will look like brand new. The stylish accents will add an elegant touch to the space. For a more dramatic effect pick accessories in contrasting colors.

bathroom renovationbathroom renovation


Lighting has an important role in the bathroom interior design. If you want to change the appearance of your bathroom without spending a lot, you can change the lighting. The lamps are not only a functional part of the interior, but they also add a lot of charm to it.

Bathroom renovations are considered an expensive project, but this is not necessarily the case if you approach it in a smart way. Introducing small, but well-planned changes in the bathroom interior will bring very good results without a lot of effort, time and money.

bathroom renovation

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